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Everyone brews good beer.
We make beer works of art.


2019 GABF Winner Triple-Whirl is the embodiment of a classic Belgian Triple in the flavor profile and composition of ingredients. Historically Belgian Triples derive their name from the number of X’s marked on a barrel to indicate alcohol strength, in this case 3 X’s would be marked on the barrel. Our Triple-Whirl has the alcohol…

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Milkshake America

Our Chocolate Porter, Milkshake America, earns its name in blending chocolate flavors with a warm body known for the porter style. We have incorporated dark malts with Pure Liquid Cacao and Lactose to bring this Milkshake styled porter to life. Not only is this Chocolate porter styled like a Milkshake, it is named after the…

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Mule Train

This large bodied, richly hopped Double IPA derives its name from the Vollis Simpson whirligig of the same name, leaving an inspired impression on the palate. Double IPA.  ABV = 7.7%  IBU = 60

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Flying Duck Sour

This is our take on a German classic, it is composed of Pilsen, Wheat and Oat malts; after mash the wort was soured in the kettle for 3 days. After souring of the wort, addition of hops and fermentation was completed we blended Tangerine and Cranberry fruits to complete this unique delight. We named it…

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Beer Photographs by Tara Kermiet

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