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Throughout human history, poets, philosophers, prophets, shamans, gurus, preachers, comedians, Popes, cab drivers, and hairdressers have all speculated on the same question: What is The Meaning of Life?

The Meaning of Life is complex. It is a little bit sweet, a little bit bitter. It is rich and fulfilling. It can spur lively conversation as easily as it does pensive contemplation. It's delicious. It's a beer.

217 Brew Work's Master Brewer spent years perfecting this brew. The Meaning of Life Pensive Red Ale, made from a blend of eight malts and four hops, is one of the unique beers of the world. The Meaning of Life is elegantly balanced complexity, having many subtle characters, but none overwhelming. Due to its incomparable complexity, the first sip differs from the last, as taste receptors become saturated; a new flavor comes to the fore. Like a fine wine, this ale is designed to cleanse the palate, bestowing a lovely synergy with food. A rich brick-red color, a lingering cream-colored head, and a delicate floral bouquet add to this delightful sensory experience.

The Meaning of Life LogoDiscover The Meaning of Life while dining with old friends, listening to your favorite local band, or arguing esoteric philosophy with new friends in your favorite little beer cellar. Just keep an eye on your bartender, because sometimes life is too short.

Best Beer - 2017 Best of the the East, Carolina Brewscene

Bronze Medal, 1998 World Beer Championship: Red/Amber Ales

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With complexity befitting its name, this rich, brick-red brew is made with eight malts and four hops. Sublimely balanced, you'll discover something new with each taste.

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