“Bread and Honey” Brand Ale

QueensParlourThe King was in his counting house, counting out his money.
The Queen was in the parlour, eating bread and honey,
The maid was in the courtyard hanging out the clothes.
Along came a blackbird and nipped off her nose.


The Queen was in the parlour,
drinking “Bread and Honey";
The King was with the chambermaid,
and she was in the money...

Er, um, Less Traditional--

Traditions can be fine things. There is a traditional German ale called Kölsch. This bright, refreshing beer is brewed only in Germany under the stringent tradition of the Bavarian Reinheitsgebot, or purity law, which decrees that only malted wheat and barley, hops, water, and yeast can go into the “liquid bread" known as Kölsch. This wonderful style of ale is so steeped in tradition that a beer can be called Kölsch only if it was brewed within eyesight of the cathedral in Cologne.

Traditions demand respect as a set of rules passed down by those who came before. In Wilson, North Carolina, however, rules were meant to be broken. Though 217 Brew Works looks out upon several beautiful churches, there are, alas, no German cathedrals. The Reinheitsgebot insists on set ingredients for “liquid bread" but man cannot live on bread alone; bread cries out for honey! Faced with these obstacles, the solution is obvious: Create New Traditions.

Start your new tradition with Queen's Parlour “Bread and Honey" Brand Ale a delicious blonde wheat Kölsch -inspired ale brewed with 6% wild honey. Floral aroma anticipates the rich dry/sweet malt with a nutty wheat finish. Subtle wine-like and honey overtones bring unmatched smoothness. 

Tradition was never finer. 

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A delightfully mild blonde ale made with wheat malt and North Carolina wild honey. Subtle wine-like and nutty overtones emerge from this version of a German Kölsch.

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