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With the help and friendship of (Ron) Ronald Nathin Ellis and Tom Williams, the lot on Goldsboro Street got a face lift this morning.

I have been saying this to as many folks as will listen... What downtown needs are people who are more focused on making a difference than a dollar. Ron, his brother Rick Ellis, Tom, Wendolyn Moore, and all the many other who have offered to volunteer their time to the brewery project. It does make it truly a Community Brewery.

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Work continues on the beer garden lot on Douglas Street. Finished the prep for the location of the heat pump units. Grass is growing fast.

Goldsboro lot was leveled again and some barriers set to help with the erosion. We hope to get a couple of loads of mulch on it this weekend.

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Got back from Naples safe and sound. Checked out the progress this week at 217. 

Plumbing rough in looks close to completed. Line are in the bathrooms and at the bar. Emergency shower is installed. Hot water tank for the bathrooms is in place. 

The plumbing rough in passed initial inspection on Friday. 

Electrical rough in is looking good too. Wires are pulled to most of the drops. 

HVAC vents have been installed in the bathrooms. 

We have received the refrigeration systems for both coolers. Will have a planning meeting with the contractor on Monday or Tuesday to get the schedule for the rest of the week. 

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John Kater and I did a bunch of work on the future beer garden lot today.

John built a HOP pergola and thanks to PamandGee Leggett we got some planted. 

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