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Thanks to Nancy Gorry Craft and Her Man Bob, Ken Hill, John Kater, Barbara Conklin,and, of course Wendolyn Moore for all their help in getting the inside and outside of the buildings ready for another week of construction activity.

Their love, support, and friendship help make this whole project worthwhile.

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Work continues this morning on the bar area

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And it keeps getting better.

The bar is taking shape. It is crafted from reclaimed wood taken from the trusses and rafters of the roof we replaced on 209 and 211 South Street.

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Cooler rooms insulation wad finished today with the blow in material completely filling the interior of the cooler. 

The sheet rock for the bathrooms and office were delivered and will be hung on Monday. 

And we picked up the cooler doors that were on the original coolers in the Piggly Wiggly on Nash. The cooler was original when the building housed a locally owned grocery store. They will be installed on our two cooler rooms in the brewery. Many thanks to the folks who trusted us with maintaining the history of these great doors. They will be well cared for. 

Lastly the new ramp looks great.

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