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Another productive day with help from Tom Williams. Finished the original stable door and got all the floors cleaned for the experts to start the finishing tomorrow.

Tom did a most excellent job of painting the stable door while keeping the distressed look without the less than politically correct graffiti.

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The FRP finish was applied to the interior of the coolers and the outside of grain room. It will help keep the coolers cold while keeping the exterior of the “wet" areas of the brewery protected. All 3 ac units are running. We will test those this weekend when we begin to condition the inside of the building for the floor work starting next Monday.

John Kater and I will be ordering some of the additional supplies and equipment needed to begin brewing as soon as the brew house ewuipment arrives.

Chiller is due to arrive either Friday of this week or early next week. Our keg cleaner will ship on the 29th with 6 days in route.

We will be at the building most of Saturday and Sunday painting and getting everything out of the building in prep for the floor work. We will not have access to the building all of next week while the floors are finished.

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Full swing today at 217. Brick wall is being repaired on the beer garden lot on Douglas St. Mr Ruffin and his skilled crew is making it look better than new.

Danny and Brian are getting the lights and fans working in the brewery and tap room. Our expert framers are working on the "entry wall" and bathroom hall way getting the final wood work completed.

And thanks to Ronald Nathin Ellis who took time out if his busy day to level out the last truck load of mulch on the Goldsboro lot.

And we had a very special visit from another family from Russia, who live in Mexico, on vacation here in the US. Came from Chicago and Boston, through Wilson, on their way to Miami.

There is NEVER a day that goes by, and I am here every day of the week, that we don't have at least 6 visitors to visit the VS Whirligig Park.

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And the brick wall restoration in the beer garden is completed.

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