Brewery News
Brewery News and Plans, Brewery Construction Progress, and Brewmaster's Pintification

John and I continue to plan for the brewery. We are waiting for final numbers on the up fit budget for the interior of 217 South also final proposals from two equipment manufactures.

Right now, assuming all goes well and we decide it is financially possible to do the brewery, it would be open for business late summer or early fall of 2016 at the absolute earliest. This is due to the construction required for the interior up fit and to apply for the brewery application with the State and Federal agencies and a 6 to 8 month lag in equipment delivery.

We are not concerned with this schedule as it will support the further completion of the Whirligig Park and the redevelopment of the High Dollar Warehouse which has a ground breaking planned for January 2016 and at least an 18 month construction schedule.

Successful change takes time....

The business plan is now complete and uncovered a number of both concerns and opportunities for the planned brewery. The biggest 'unknown' is if we can get folks to actually come to the brewery on a regular enough basis to have a break even financial success.

We have identified a Head Brewer.... I am heading to an brewery equipment auction at the end of the month and hope to be the high bidder... that will help with the overall cost and outfitting of the system.

My construction and financial team is meeting with the city leadership tomorrow to discuss the possibility of grants and incentives that may help with the final decision on taking the risk to open the brewery. Our work on the exterior of the buildings will be completed in October of this year and the planned opening of the completed Whirligig park could still be as late at 2017. We are expecting a major announcement on the redevelopment of the High Dollar within the next few days.

Bottom line - things are moving forward - but with extreme caution.