At 217 Brew Works, we ensure that our interns learn everything about running a brewery from crafting the beer itself to engaging with customers.

Tanya Garcia and Giselle Dominguez have been working with the brewery since November of 2016, shortly after our grand opening. The two of them are studying biology at Barton College.

Tanya and Giselle first learned about the internship from a table talk in our taproom hosted by founder, Tom Curran. At the event, they discovered their biology majors have applications for the crafting of beer. This information opened the door to career possibilities for the two senior students to consider when they graduate.

After working with the brewery for the past few months, Tanya has expressed interest in becoming a master brewer like John Kater. Giselle, however, will more likely continue with her major as she planned, working to become a forensic scientist. Even so, she enjoys working at the brewery. She feels this experience has greatly broadened her understanding of what a biology major can do.

In the back room of 217 Brew Works where the beer is made, John ensures that Tanya and Giselle understand the science of crafting beer. This knowledge comes in handy if any inquisitive customers have questions about the beer itself. And while they’re at the bar, the interns practice the business side of taproom management, selling beer to customers.

While Tanya and Giselle’s education complements their internship, we at 217 Brew Works will take applicants with other skills into the internship. We are working on an FAQ and application form for our Internship program. In the meantime, we welcome anyone with an interest in joining our family to use our Contact Form to let us know.

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