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“Live Local” and “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” aren’t just a catchphrases to us but a part of our business model. One of the first steps we have taken toward that commitment is to arrange for all of our spent grain to be picked up by local livestock farmer Ossie Kerney and his family.

Do his cows like this special treat? We really enjoyed the video below of the cows themselves weighing in with their opinion.

We at 217 Brew Works are proud to truly support the concept of live local. We are currently partnering with Ossie Kerney, Vick Family Farms (Sweet Potatoes), Dean’s Farm (Honey), and Barton College (Science interns and Tony Tilley’s staff at the cafeteria processing the sweet potatoes). It makes our vision of creating a Community Brewery and Supporting the restoration efforts in Historic Downtown Wilson a reality.

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